"Drumcall Studio" Lyrics and music by Jonas Sjöblom
"Stockholm Marathon"
Nicolina Rask: BackingVocals
Jonas Sjöblom: LeadVocal and all instruments.

"En löpares dagbok"
Olle Linder: Double bass
Jonas Sjöblom LeadVocals and all other instruments

Mattias Torell: Wha-Wha-Guitar
Sven Lindvall: Bass
Jonas Sjöblom: LeadVocals and all other instruments

Sven Lindvall: Basses
Jonas Sjöblom: Vocals and all other instruments

"Etude No.1 (For a Very Large Flute)"
Jonas Sjöblom: Indian Bansuri Flute and all other instruments
"Music for Virpi Pahkinen"
This album is music written for the finnish choreographer and solo dancer Virpi Pahkinen.
Chosen tracks from the performances "Sagittarius A" (2009) , "Aajej"(2010) and "Deep Time" (2017)

#1 Bat Techno (From Virpi Pahkinen´s danceproduction "Deep Time")

* * Voice By Tua Dominique * * Mastring: Elias Sjöblom * *

#2 Desert Flower (Sagittarius A)

#3 Rhythmic Spirals (Sagittarius A)

#4 Far Away (Sagittarius A)

#5 Tankers in the Night (Sagittarius A)

#6 White Wind (Aajej)

Music by Jonas Sjöblom

To listen or buy the album "Drumcall Studio" at Apple Music
To listen or buy the album "Music for Virpi Pahkinen" at Apple Music
Mastring: Peter Brisenheim
Mix: Peter & Jonas

Mastring: Peter Brisenheim
Mix: Jonas

Mastring: Peter Brisenheim
Mix: Jonas

Mastring: Peter Brisenheim
Mix: Jonas

Mix & Mastring: Jonas
The illustration "På Väg" by Jonas Sjöblom
Drumcall Studio
..more about "Drumcall Studio"

The first songs on the "Drumcall Studio" album, "Stockholm Marathon" and "En löpares dagbok", are songs inspired by training for the Stockholm Marathon and the race itself. I wrote "En löpares dagbok" as a coach on a training camp in Portugal. accompanying myself on ukulele. Back home, I made a recording just for fun, adding instruments and vocals. Both songs are in tempo 180 bpm, a good tempo for running. If you like to run with music in your ears, please try them! :)

The songs "History" and "Happiness" are songs and poems that have been with me for a while and are close to my heart.

"Etude no.1 (For a Very Large Flute)" is a song that I wrote after my latest trip to India where I bought a large bansuri flute. Nice warm sound.

I hope you will have as nice time listening to the songs
as I had making them. /Jonas

Alto Flute
Tin Whistle
Indian Tablas
Alto Flute
Alto Flute
Alto Flute
Indian Bansuri Flute
Drum Session
Voice Recording
an Orange Juice Barrel
* * * * * *